Staff Augmentation

Hawk supplements client project management teams by putting our subject matter experts in client offices, sites or facilities to help advance projects from concept to completion. These contingent labor assignments can be short or long term, but only for as long as the client requires the services. Hawk employees are known for completing their assignments and are often asked to work on the next important project.

Hawk recruits and retains experienced professionals, pays market salaries and provides a generous benefit package.  As a result we enjoy a very low turnover rate.  In fact, Hawk’s guiding principle is to always consider that we are serving two clients – the customer providing the opportunity (and paying the bill) and the employee delivering the service.  This mindset has served the company well and translated to significant employee loyalty.

Hawk is known for employee satisfaction and loyalty and its retention rates set the industry standard.

Hawk provides staff augmentation and management support for:

  • Health, safety and environmental management
  • Quality assurance and inspection services
  • Supply chain management services
  • Engineering, project and construction management
  • Dispute resolution and claims management
  • Front-end planning and project
    feasibility evaluation
  • Facility and pipeline integrity management
  • Contracting strategy and project
    delivery methods
  • Budgeting, scheduling and
    reporting systems