Dispute Resolution/Claims Consulting

In spite of the best efforts of all participants, some projects encounter unexpected conditions or events which lead to claims and disputes. When these situations occur, Hawk’s experienced dispute-resolution personnel can help find equitable solutions to the most intractable construction-related problems.

Hawk experts have participated in resolving hundreds of construction disputes. We have served owners, general contractors, subcontractors, design firms, and bonding companies. Hawk works hard to find negotiated settlements to construction disputes. We often work with client counsel to establish facts, assess risks, and manage negotiations. If negotiations fail, Hawk prepares damage cases, expert reports, courtroom exhibits, and testifies as experts at trial.

Hawk’s experienced dispute resolution personnel can help.

Our dispute resolution and claims consulting services include:

  • Fact finding/documentation review

  • Damage case preparation

  • Advice on risk analysis/probability of recovery

  • Strategies for dispute avoidance and negotiation

  • Negotiation assistance and representation

  • Delay and disruption analysis

  • Critical path analysis and presentation

  • Expert report preparation

  • Preparation of courtroom exhibits

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Hearing Officer services

  • Mediation services

  • Arbitration panel participation

  • Dispute Resolution Board services

  • Employee concerns investigations