Supplier Quality Solutions

Product quality has never been more important or scrutinized – especially on major capital projects. With markets rebounding and supplier fabrication facilities becoming busy again, quality can slip.

Hawk’s Supplier Quality group supports client procurement and supply chain operations by deploying highly qualified inspectors to ensure conformance to all known and stated purchase order requirements, international standards and specifications. Hawk’s value-added inspection support is delivered on either an ad-hoc or resident basis depending upon the criticality of the equipment or material. By using resources located within close proximity to the suppliers, costs are minimized. Detailed technical reports are delivered within 48 hours of the visit to document the inspection results.

Hawk’s SQ resource pool is extensive and covers the following disciplines or equipment types:

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I)

  • Pressure Containing Equipment (PCE)

  • Structural Steel

  • Welding & NDT

  • Subsea

  • Drilling & Production Equipment (D&PE)

  • Coatings & Paint

  • Preservation, Packing & Shipping

Hawk also provides valuable support in the area of supplier assessments and vendor audits. Skilled Auditors can be deployed using client-generated audit criteria or alternatively the scope and process could be defined by Hawk. Likewise, using our extensive market knowledge, Hawk can assist with the development of quality plans or inspection and test plans (ITP’s).

With many shops now operating at near or full capacity, timely delivery is a growing concern. Hawk’s skilled Expeditors can engage with supplier personnel to proactively identify recovery strategies and to mitigate costly construction delays. Results are communicated quickly to all concerned parties – especially at the construction site. Expediting activities can be delivered remotely (desk expediting) or in the field.

“Poor quality is remembered long after low prices are forgotten.”

—Charles Rolls